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Reclamation Announces Availability of Draft EA for Crow Tribe MR&I Water Supply Project
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Welcome to the Official Crow Water Resource Website
The Crow Tribe Water Resources Department was created as a result of the Water Compact between the Crow Tribe and the State
of Montana.  The major responsibility of the CTWRD is to help manage and maintain one of the Crow Tribe's most unique
resources, its water.  Crow culture is based on a complex Clan system using emphasizing the Matrilineal descent, and the
translation of the word "Clan" from Crow to English is "Where the Driftwood Lodges", referencing to the significance of how
water brings the Clans as one solid unit.  The translation signifies the importance of Water to the Crow people, which is what the
CTWRD is based upon.
Claims Resolution Act of 2010
Crow Tribe Water Rights Settlement

Rights Settlement, authorizes and directs the Secretary of the Interior to execute the Compact.

Together, the Settlement Act and the Compact quantify the Tribe’s water rights and authorize funding of $131.8 million for the rehabilitation and
improvement of the Crow Irrigation Project and $246.4 million for the design and construction of the MR&I water system to serve numerous
reservation communities, as well as funding totaling more than $81 million for tribal water administration and for a portion of costs for the
irrigation and municipal water systems. The Settlement also provides funding to boost energy development projects such as hydropower
generation at Yellowtail Afterbay Dam, clean coal conversion, and other renewable energy projects.

The existing drinking water system on the reservation has significant deficiencies in terms of both capacity and water quality, and many tribal
members at times must haul water. The Crow Irrigation Project is in a state of significant disrepair and currently cannot support the
Reservation's mainstay of farming and ranching.

Litigation concerning the Tribe's water rights has been ongoing since 1975. Negotiations with the State of Montana and the Crow Tribe on the
Compact began nearly thirty years ago in the mid-1980’s. In June 1999, after reaching agreement with the Tribe, the State legislature ratified the

In March 2011, the members of the Tribe voted to ratify the Compact and Settlement Act. On July 15, 2011, Secretary Salazar and Bureau of
Reclamation Commissioner Mike Connor visited the Crow Indian Reservation to participate with Chairman Black Eagle and a crowd of 200
celebrating the Crow Tribe Water Rights Settlement.

The Crow Reservation is the largest reservation in Montana, encompassing about 2.3 million acres, and is home to approximately 8,000 of the
13,542 enrolled Crow tribal members.
Settlement Funds Break down
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"Manage and Provide Reliable, Safe and Clean Water Resources for the Crow Reservation."