"Manage and Provide Reliable, Safe and Clean Water Resources for the Crow Reservation."
Official Crow Tribal Website
Crow Tribe Water
Resource Director
Impressed by
Irrigation Project.
Reclamation Announces Availability of Draft EA for Crow Tribe MR&I Water Supply Project
We inspected the Wyola Pipe and 40 mile box culverts last week of the 5th, 2016
As you can see, we have a ton of pipe that will be delivered this week.  What you see in the picture is only half of
pipe.  Titus Takes Gun-Construction Engineer
Billings Gazette/Business
July 2014
Saving a lifeline:
Big investment
will improve
Crow water system
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Irrigation Leader
Magazine, March 2014
From the Ground Up:
Restoring and Improving
the Crow Irrigation Project

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Montana State University
The magazine for
members of the MSU
Alumni Association  Fall
Water work in Crow