Advantages of Rural Water
1.  Healthy, safe, drinkable water that meets and exceeds the EPA     
Safe Water Drinking Act standards.

2.  A secure supply of good water will increase the value of your  
property.  In the future, rural property without rural water may not
be readily saleable.  Will also allow more people to live on their    
rural property.

3.  In the event of power outages, water will still be available due to  
elevated storage providing pressure to the system.  Depending on
the expected length of the outage, water may have to be rationed.

4.  No more staining or discoloring that can be caused by well water.

5.  No cost or worry of well, tank and pump failure.

6.  No electric bills for water pumping.

7.  No cost or upkeep of softeners, reverse osmosis, iron removal,
filters, distillers or other systems. (Note: Some users may install
softeners at their option.)

8.  Longer life of pipes, water heaters, plumbing fixtures, valves, etc.

9.  If you calculate the total long term cost of our present well water
system (interest on investment, depreciation, maintenance,
electric bills), the proposed rural water system will be cheaper,  if
your present water needs treatment, (softeners, Iron removers,
reverse osmosis systems, distillers, etc.), the cost advantage will
be much greater.

10. Wells may be susceptible to contamination from septic tanks,
pesticides, barn yards or other ground water contaminants.  A
rural water system with treated and inspected water would is not
susceptible to these problems.